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None at this time.

HUD/HHA Guidlines for Procurement of Services

HHA Procurement Policy Rev 01-17-17 (BOARD APPROVED)


Open Contract Bids



Parking Lot Striping

RFQ CLAY 18-02 ReStriping revised 8.14.18


1.) Does HHA want only the areas in yellow painted? Or do they want the entire parking lot.


The parking lot has to painted to Houston City Code Requirements, that includes ADA, Fire, and standard parking lanes.


Parking Lot Striping

RFQ IRVI 18-02 Parking lot striping revised 8.14.18

Pot Hole Repair

RFQ IRVI 18-01 Pothole Repairs revised 8.21.18



Kelly Village

Parking Lot Striping

RFQ KELL 18-02 revised 8.3.18

  •    Is there a pre bid meeting scheduled prior? Mandatory/Non Mandatory? No Pre-Bid meeting is set, Contractors can visit the property to determine your cost based upon the SOW.
  •    What is the engineer’s estimate of this project? No engineer is involved
  •    Is there an addendum issued? No addendum has been issued at this time.
  •    Can I request a copy of the  plan holders list? A site plan is included in the SOW
  •    Do you have an engineer or design team for this? No engineer is involved
  •    Do you require union for this project? No

Forest Green Apartments



Bellerive AC Repair Project 18-01

RFQ BELL 18-01

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